Lanhee Chen

On Medicare, Republicans and Democrats don’t agree about much, except this: The current fee-for-service system is unsustainable, and the broken formula used to pay doctors who treat Medicare patients is a big reason why. Fortunately, there’s a consensus forming around fixing that formula -- and it’s an opportunity for the kind of bipartisan cooperation we rarely see in health-care policy.

Kavita Patel, M.D.

I recently participated in an event hosted by National Journal, titled Health Reform Innovations: New Concepts in Care Delivery.  At this event we discussed Patient-Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations – two specific delivery models being more aggressively advanced as a part of the Affordable Care Act – but also touched on a number of key opportunities and challenges to advancing implementation of new payment and delivery models.

Tommy Thompson and Kenneth Thorpe

The Medicare Board of Trustees just released its latest report on the program's finances and the results are terrifying. Despite a decline in health care costs, the Medicare Trust Fund will be bankrupt in 2026.

Kenneth Thorpe

There are admirable efforts taking place today to reduce the rate of childhood obesity. More attention is being paid to school lunch programs, contents of school vending machines and television advertising targeted toward children. These efforts are critical if we're to get a grasp on what has become a national health crisis.