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Yahoo Finance
Should this provide Americans with a little more confidence about the ailing state of Medicare? Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, spoke to Yahoo Finance about the issue, saying he was unimpressed with the news. “I’m not surprised. Nor can I guarantee you that next year’s report will say the same thing. These are very uncertain projections, easy to bounce 4 years in one direction or another.”
Healthcare Finance News
It is well known that our current fee-for-service system creates an environment that promotes volume over value and unintentionally exacerbates the delivery of fragmented, costly, and uncoordinated care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act included a number of delivery system reforms, such as Accountable Care Organizations, bundled payments, and workforce provisions to strengthen foundations in primary care.
In healthcare there’s a ton of mind-numbing jargon – "providers", "carriers", "the dual eligibles", "fee-for-service". But if there’s one acronym that should take up just a bit of brain space – other than the ACA, which stands for the Affordable Care Act, of course – it’s ACO. What does it stand for? Accountable Care Organization.
Modern Healthcare
Hospitals and doctors aspiring to increase their margins by controlling health spending are finding their patients' indifference to those efforts a significant obstacle. To grasp how significant, look no further than 300 accountable care organizations under contract with Medicare to manage seniors' medical expenses. Control of health spending depends on how often patients receive medical care and the cost of that care. Medicare ACOs attempt to reduce unnecessary care by steering patients to low-cost treatment options, such as home healthcare, instead of a trip to the hospital.