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The Medicare Newsgroup
The Medicare NewsGroup (MNG) highlights the Partnership for the Future of Medicare (PFM) as featured “Newsmaker.” Check out MNG contributor Bob Rosenblatt’s report on PFM and its recently released policy recommendations: It’s time to scrap Medicare’s payment system, which costs too much money and doesn’t deliver results in protecting the health of beneficiaries, says a prestigious, bipartisan group of health policy experts. The fee-for-service system, which is the way doctors have been paid since Medicare opened for business in 1966, should be scrapped within five to seven years, according to a new report by the Partnership for the Future of Medicare, whose top-level advisers include a former high-ranking official in the Obama White House, the top economic adviser for the McCain 2008 presidential campaign and a high-ranking health official in the Clinton administration. The advocacy group, which brings together unlikely bedfellows, is taking a broad and long-range view of Medicare’s problems. Its membership includes the California Association of Physician Groups, the Healthcare Leadership Council (comprising chief executives of hospital chains, drug companies and health plans), and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (comprising public health officials). Humana and United Healthcare, two of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, provided the financing for the partnership group. They avoid the current polarizing proposals such as whether the Medicare age of eligibility should be boosted above 65 and whether a premium support system should replace current financing.