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The Los Angeles Times
As Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan meet in tonight’s vice presidential debate, here is a guide to understanding the Medicare charges and counter-charges from the two campaigns.
The Marietta Times
While people pay into Medicare, it's an open-ended program, with taxpayers picking up the costs beyond the original focus, hospital coverage, according to, a nonpartisan project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. A 2012 Medicare trustees report estimates the hospital trust fund will be exhausted by 2024. Meanwhile, health care costs continue to rise and more and more baby boomers enter the system every day.
A paradox of American health care is that hospitals are sometimes rewarded for doing things badly. Patients who are discharged, for example, shouldn't have to come right back because they got worse after getting home. But if they do come back, hospitals benefit because they can fill an empty bed and bill for more care.

PFM will hold a briefing call on, "Perspectives on the Impact of Recent Legislative and Regulatory Changes to the Medicare Advantage (MA) Program." PFM's bi-partisan panel of prominent health care experts will share their views on how recent policy changes - specifically CMS' recently announced cuts to MA payment rates and CMS' proposed rule on program changes for MA and Prescription Drug Benefit Programs - will impact the future sustainability of the Medicare program and the quality and cost of care that beneficiaries receive.